About Katelyn Welsh

Hi! I’m Katelyn, photographer, writer, and lover of spontaneous drives with unknown destinations.  

A Reno native, I enjoy our four seasons and easy access to Tahoe. I’m a desert rat to the fullest and have had many a bloody nose to prove it. Despite the crispy dry air, there is something about the smell of our sagebrush and the exhilaration of impending adventure when I look up out of the valley to the snowcapped Sierras and pine tree silhouettes. Reno is my launchpad to many adventures, and a faithful comfort to come home to.

I went to Truckee Meadows Community College and the University of Nevada Reno at the age of 14 and graduated with my Associates of Science in 2010. At such a young age, I found it hard to know which direction to go next and decided to take a break from school to find out what I was passionate about. Over more than a decade and many experiences later, I am now in my last year as a double major in journalism and biology at the University of Nevada, Reno. My goal is to use visual communication to create an impact.

 I had always been drawn to photography from a young age and I remember learning on my dad’s film 1970 Canon FT. He would take me out hiking and teach me the ways of aperture, shutter speed and exposure. I realized photography was my passion by how lost in space and time I got while photographing, enamored in capturing the patterns and lights. 

In my free time, I love anything in the outdoors and exploring new places and people. I can easily get lost in music, forests and especially love the combination of both. If a camera is involved, magic is sure to happen. 

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